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Kitria offers professional web design, graphic design, marketing, and custom business services. Our aim is to help you grow or launch your business and achieve your goals by focusing on results.

How can we help you? These days the internet is one of the main ways that people find and interact with businesses. Having a professionally designed website is critical in order to gain new customers and grow your business. Besides top quality web design, we also offer graphic design, marketing, and other business services.

We are extremely professional and genuinely want you to benefit from our services.

We are a full-service company and do not simply offer just web development or graphic design services. We can help you establish and grow a business right from idea to execution and beyond.

Web Design

From small to large, shopping carts to web applications, our web services are sure to match your needs.

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Basic Web Design

Your business essentials in a website. Typically 7 pages or less. Pages like Home, About, Services, Products, Contact, etc.

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Large Web Design

Larger than a basic website. These can be up to hundreds of pages, usually powered by a database and/or a content management system.

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Pretty much anything can be done using a website as a blank canvas, whatever ideas you may have can most likely be created into a website.

Graphic Design

Whether you need graphics to establish a great business brand, to grow a business, or for specialty purposes, we’ve got you covered.

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Pretty much any graphic design purpose that you can think of, we can likely do the design for you.


Marketing is one the most important activities in business, we can help you grow your business online or offline.

Custom & Virtual Assistant Services

Mundane business tasks can really be a pain… In many cases we can help you out thus saving you time and money.

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This can include presentations like Microsoft PowerPoint or video formats designed to be used at trade shows or events.

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We have provided a lot of unique virtual assistant services over the years, just ask or let us know your situation and we can offer suggestions.

We believe the best way to get to know a company is by trying them out. For that reason we make it very easy to get started with us, and you don’t have to pay unless you are happy with our work. Now that’s satisfaction!


About Kitria

Kitria.com provides top quality online and offline business services to an array of industries and demographics.

Our aim is to build great business relationships by helping your business grow and prosper.

Feel free to Contact Us about whatever you may need.